Our services

Our work at C&P is based on a wide range of experience and an in-depth knowledge of the Polish and Ukrainian real estate markets. Over the past 18 years we have developed the knowledge and expertise needed to be able to fulfil the needs of the most demanding clients.

With our individual approach where the Partners of the Firm are included in all levels of activity, with our multilingual team of brokers, lawyers, architects and researchers we are able to offer a wide range of corporate real estate consulting services. We strive to ensure maximum effectiveness in real estate consulting and negotiations, selling and leasing commercial property including retail and industrial space throughout the whole of Poland and Ukraine, architectural and legal advice as well as providing constantly updated market analysis and evaluations.

Among the services we provide:

  • The lease of office, retail and warehouse space,
  • Real estate consulting and negotiations,
  • Management of construction and engineering works,
  • Monthly updates of real estate market information for our clients,
  • Disposition services, including consolidation and efficiency studies,
  • Acquisition services, including strategic site selection and qualitative and quantitative comparative location analyses,
  • Alternative and highest and best use of programs for existing properties designed to create potential value gains from alternative uses,
  • Real estate appraisal services.